Cairo, 7-10 Dec. 2012

Transformation Partnership

Michael Bauer conducted a workshop with young leaders from Egypt, Tunisia, and Germany in Cairo.

Munich, 7 Dec. 2012

MEIA Research founded in Munich

On 7 December 2012 the Middle East and International Affairs Research Group (MEIA Research) was founded in Munich, Germany.

MEIA Research is a non-for-profit organization that seeks to strengthen international interaction and understanding and to improve political, economic, cultural, academic, and societal relations particularly between Europe, North Africa, the Near East, and the Gulf region.

By organizing and hosting dialogue conferences, round tables, and other activities MEIA Research will provides a forum for discussion and intellectual exchange. MEIA Research will engage actively in the public debate and inform both the general public and decision makers through in-depth academic analysis.


The founding members of MEIA Research are René Rieger (chairman), Michael Bauer (vice chairman), Florian Baumann, Dr. Anja Opitz, Sebastian Schäffer, Thomas Schiller, and Ludwig Schulz.