christine strassmaier

Christine Straßmeier
Christine Straßmeier

Christine Straßmaier is a conflict analyst for an international humanitarian organi-zation based in Amman, Jordan. In this function, she advises the organization’s management as well as operations and programs on the current developments and future scenarios in Syria and Iraq.


Previously, Ms. Straßmaier has been a Middle East risk analyst at a German industrial corporation and a private security consultancy. Here she conducted operative and strategic risk assessments and forecasts for business projects in the Middle East and provided advice to the management and other decision makers on security and political developments in the region.


In addition to regular work assignments around the Middle East and North Africa, she spent extensive periods working in Syria, Lebanon, Dubai, and Tunis.


Ms. Straßmaier holds a master's degree in political science, international law, and social anthropology from the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich and a diploma in Arabic from the University of Damascus, Syria.


Ms. Straßmaier's area of expertise includes Security & Terrorism, Syria and Iraq.